How to be remarkable?

You have followed the same schooling as the spa owner next door so you must have approximately the same knowledge.

You offer a prestigious treatment line just like all your competitors, so, how can you make your clients step into your Spa instead of going to the one next door?

Become an Expert!
. Regularly visit specialized trade shows.
. Attend the conferences.
. Get to know the latest aesthetic innovations.
. Regularly follow trainings and be up-to-date with the latest work methods so you can subsequently offer your customers brand new treatments.

Try all the products and treatments yourself before offering them. Not on your hand!  On your face!  You will be able to judge acquired results, its textures, the sensation and the aromas.  You will know exactly what your customers are feeling and we bet you will even change some techniques; furthermore, you can truly talk about the product in question with total ease and knowledge.

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