Back to Basics

Did I catch your attention now?  Here is the blog of the day!

Each time I receive a treatment, I must ask the aesthetician a whole bunch of questions. I must ask what products are being used on me and why. Have you forgotten about this old practice? Give the clients your comments, your actions and why you have chosen the particular products used?

With each product application you stimulate an aroma, a certain feeling. A sale is often completed just with these steps. We often purchase a product simply for its fragrance.

Often, when I leave the aesthetic booth, the aesthetician hurries to book another appointment, without talking to me about the products that I should be using and assuming that I do not want to buy them. Never assume the purchasing power of your clients.

Make your follow-up!  Phone your clients a couple of days after their appointment. How does her skin feel? Is she satisfied with the products purchased? Does she have any questions on the use of these products? Go over the application steps with her.

These are small gestures learned in school that we often forget to apply. Re-learn how to offer your treatments all the way though.

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