Slice of Life

A few months ago, during a dinner with friends, a discussion took place on salon skin care treatments (aka, the facial). Since I work in this field, she asked me what my opinion was on the subject: she didn’t at all believe in the importance of regular skin care in Salon treatments. She saw the facial as a relaxation tool and not a necessity.

But let me inform you first that I could express my opinion freely. Here’s how I presented the facts:

– You like beautiful clothes? When you purchase an expensive gorgeous piece you will take care of it? If the instructions say that it must be dry cleaned, you do it right?

– Yes.

– After a few months or years, if you find that this particular piece is outdated, you throw or give it away?

– Yes.

– But you took care of it very carefully during its time with you?

– Of course!

– And your skin? Don’t you think it’s as important to do the same?? Think about it, you will never be able to buy another when this one is not to your liking anymore.

It seems that the idea made sense. I just learned that she went to a France Laure Salon and bought  $ 480 worth of our products (!!!)

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