Complaint Management

It happens in the best of worlds!  Turn complaints you may have received to your advantage. Complaint management  is part of your after-sales service.

A satisfied customer talks to 1 or 2 people, an unhappy customer talks to 10 people.

1. Listen … listen … listen to the whole story. Never cut him or her off, this will only add fuel to the fire. Let them empty their story.

2. Be sympathetic to the situation that he or she is presenting to you. Let them know you understand the problem. Present your apologies.

3. Ask questions to get to the bottom of the problem, make sure to have all the elements and summarize to make sure you understood.

4. Do everything in your power to resolve the situation. If it cannot be resolved immediately, give a time, a return date and stick to it, call them back.

Thus, your client:
. will continue to buy from you;
. will speak well of your service;
. will be ready to buy something else from you;
. will eliminate the fear of being swindled.

Did you know it costs 7 to 10 times more to get a new client than keep the ones you already have? Also, never forget that one of your great customers can be someone else’s as well!


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