How to recognize an organic line of products

In order to legally declare that a product is certified organic, it must contain certified organic ingredients, which means that almost three quarters of ingredients of its formulation must be of natural origin.

But how can you get through the maze of products available? Do not rely on the green and flowery packaging and the words BIO or NATURAL. Some manufacturers indicate some of the extracts, but they appear at the end of the ingredient list.

Look for logos of organizations issuing these certifications:

Écocert (EU certification)
Cosmétique bio – Cosmos standard (EU certification)
USDA Organic (US certification)
Certified Natural Cosmetics – BDIH (German certification)
Québec vrai (Québec certification)
ÉcoLogo (a.k.a. Choix environnemental – Canadian Standard)

Please note, however, that organic does not necessarily mean more efficient or innocuous! Some ingredients can be irritating or provoke allergies, just like typical cosmetic products and vice versa. Based on their concentration, some organic ingredients can also have a more superficial action than those made from biotechnology.

Source: Journal La Presse (daily paper) – December 2014

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