Exfoliants and the environment

Enjoy a soft and silky smooth skin without destroying aquatic life.

Microplastics are added in many exfoliating products or in soaps as a mild abrasive for skin; it is a cheaper alternative (but not biodegradable) to bamboo fragments, algae, kernels or horsehair gloves, which were used in the past.

These nanoparticles essentially made of polymers (a petrol-derived plastic) are rejected in the sewers after the product has been used and reappear in our rivers. They hang on to algae or settle in the silt. As they are often transparent, they are misidentified with plankton. As a matter of fact, significant quantities of many different microplastics can be found in marine organisms consumed by humans (e.g.: oysters, mussels, water snails, fishes and shellfish).

Source: Wikipédia

Debunk Medical-Aesthetic

Medical-aesthetic is practiced by a dermatologist or a doctor who has been duly trained in plastic surgery; or a registered nurse who is supervised by one of these two professionals. An aesthetician without these specific trainings is not allowed to provide medico-aesthetic care.

Medical-aesthetic includes all injectable filling products (Botox®, Restylane®, Juvéderm®, etc.) and chemical peels. When it comes to using devices like IPL, microdermabrasion, and lasers, an aesthetician’s activities are limited: strict rules exist and technicians cannot go beyond their field of expertise.

Cosmetic products using the name “Medical-aesthetic” contain no ingredient with higher concentrations or particular medical qualities. If they do, make sure the DIN (Drug Identification Number) is indicated. It corresponds to a pharmaceutical product.


What did you do today? I can almost hear you … 2 facials, 1 waxing, 1 manicure …

But … did you make your phone calls to your clients for follow-up care on treatment and  products you sold to them?

Have you consulted the files of your clients for tomorrow to see where you are on their treatment progression and products you will sell to them?

Did you confirm their appointments 1-2 days in advance?

Have you communicated with a client that you haven’t heard from in a long time just to  reconnect?

No? Add these tasks immediately in your today’s TO DO list.

Give and Receive

A simple step to make your actions more profitable.

You give out a sample? Get your client’s commitment that she’ll try it and give you her feedback.

You make a free skin analysis on a new client? Get her commitment that she will  accept your friend request on Facebook.

Your client takes your SPA Menu? Give her a second copy so she can give a friend.

Find opportunities or your customer’s commitment;  only takes a few seconds to develop your expertise, your network and your sales.

Complaint Management

It happens in the best of worlds!  Turn complaints you may have received to your advantage. Complaint management  is part of your after-sales service.

A satisfied customer talks to 1 or 2 people, an unhappy customer talks to 10 people.

1. Listen … listen … listen to the whole story. Never cut him or her off, this will only add fuel to the fire. Let them empty their story.

2. Be sympathetic to the situation that he or she is presenting to you. Let them know you understand the problem. Present your apologies.

3. Ask questions to get to the bottom of the problem, make sure to have all the elements and summarize to make sure you understood.

4. Do everything in your power to resolve the situation. If it cannot be resolved immediately, give a time, a return date and stick to it, call them back.

Thus, your client:
. will continue to buy from you;
. will speak well of your service;
. will be ready to buy something else from you;
. will eliminate the fear of being swindled.

Did you know it costs 7 to 10 times more to get a new client than keep the ones you already have? Also, never forget that one of your great customers can be someone else’s as well!


Everyday stories

Robert is diabetic, he gives himself insulin shots but doesn’t follow a diet.
Jeremiah has otitis. His mother gives him Tempra for pain relief and to reduce his fever until he’s all better.
Marie wants to lose weight: she exercises but eats junk food.
Tina has acne, she goes to her aesthetician but buys her products at the pharmacy.

Funny stories aren’t they?
Robert should follow a strict diet.
Jeremiah must obtain antibiotics to treat his infection.
Mary must be careful about what she eats.
To solve her skin problems Tina needs to buy the products recommended by her aesthetician for home care which work in synergy with her professional facial treatments.

Did you know that there are two types of aging?

Intrinsic (natural)
These changes are inevitable, they are natural and also depend on your genetic lottery.

Extrinsic (caused by)
80% of aging is due to external factors
. UV (photo-aging)
. free radicals;
. toxins (smoking and pollution);
. stress and lack of sleep;
. alcohol consumption;
. irritants and repetitive movements that weaken the structure of the skin.

However, it’s possible to delay the signs of intrinsic and extrinsic aging:
. adopt a healthy life;
. always protect your skin from UV rays;
. use products containing antioxidants and moisturizers;
. exercise regularly.

Whether intrinsic or extrinsic, the thing we must not forget, is to dare keep young at heart, have fun and spice up your life; these things will make all the difference!

Take Control!

When selling, it’s imperative to take and keep control: always be the first to speak to the person who comes in your Salon/SPA.

In your dealings with your client, slow down your speech and significantly lower your voice, your client will do the same, keep and control the situation. Never let your emotions take over. Release your assurance and know-how. Your client will confine in you and will be impressed by your professionalism.

Bad duckling as a teen?  there was also a period where I suffered rejection from my peers.

Recently, I met an old demon from my adolescence, a real face-to-face that I could not avoid. I said hello first, spoke in a calm and composed manner in full control of the situation.

Sweet revenge … to see her bewilderment. Like what, sales tricks can lead to anything including self-growth!

Free radicals and skin aging

Free radical attacks operate a little like a love saga: each atom possesses two electrons and must be coupled up to be stable. Free radicals act as Don Juan;  alone, they attack the cells and try to separate the pair of  electrons. As a result, we are left with only three electrons, so, even more free radicals which, in turn, try to break up another couple, and so on and so forth causing skin aging.

Antioxidants neutralize free radical attacks to maintain harmony and reconstruct electron pairs thus prevent further degeneration. The best antioxidant is ascorbic acid, a stable derivative of Vitamin C.

Certain factors aggravate this phenomenon: poor diet, smoking, stress, pollution and unprotected exposure to sunlight.