What did you do today? I can almost hear you … 2 facials, 1 waxing, 1 manicure …

But … did you make your phone calls to your clients for follow-up care on treatment and  products you sold to them?

Have you consulted the files of your clients for tomorrow to see where you are on their treatment progression and products you will sell to them?

Did you confirm their appointments 1-2 days in advance?

Have you communicated with a client that you haven’t heard from in a long time just to  reconnect?

No? Add these tasks immediately in your today’s TO DO list.

Give and Receive

A simple step to make your actions more profitable.

You give out a sample? Get your client’s commitment that she’ll try it and give you her feedback.

You make a free skin analysis on a new client? Get her commitment that she will  accept your friend request on Facebook.

Your client takes your SPA Menu? Give her a second copy so she can give a friend.

Find opportunities or your customer’s commitment;  only takes a few seconds to develop your expertise, your network and your sales.

Complaint Management

It happens in the best of worlds!  Turn complaints you may have received to your advantage. Complaint management  is part of your after-sales service.

A satisfied customer talks to 1 or 2 people, an unhappy customer talks to 10 people.

1. Listen … listen … listen to the whole story. Never cut him or her off, this will only add fuel to the fire. Let them empty their story.

2. Be sympathetic to the situation that he or she is presenting to you. Let them know you understand the problem. Present your apologies.

3. Ask questions to get to the bottom of the problem, make sure to have all the elements and summarize to make sure you understood.

4. Do everything in your power to resolve the situation. If it cannot be resolved immediately, give a time, a return date and stick to it, call them back.

Thus, your client:
. will continue to buy from you;
. will speak well of your service;
. will be ready to buy something else from you;
. will eliminate the fear of being swindled.

Did you know it costs 7 to 10 times more to get a new client than keep the ones you already have? Also, never forget that one of your great customers can be someone else’s as well!


Everyday stories

Robert is diabetic, he gives himself insulin shots but doesn’t follow a diet.
Jeremiah has otitis. His mother gives him Tempra for pain relief and to reduce his fever until he’s all better.
Marie wants to lose weight: she exercises but eats junk food.
Tina has acne, she goes to her aesthetician but buys her products at the pharmacy.

Funny stories aren’t they?
Robert should follow a strict diet.
Jeremiah must obtain antibiotics to treat his infection.
Mary must be careful about what she eats.
To solve her skin problems Tina needs to buy the products recommended by her aesthetician for home care which work in synergy with her professional facial treatments.

Take Control!

When selling, it’s imperative to take and keep control: always be the first to speak to the person who comes in your Salon/SPA.

In your dealings with your client, slow down your speech and significantly lower your voice, your client will do the same, keep and control the situation. Never let your emotions take over. Release your assurance and know-how. Your client will confine in you and will be impressed by your professionalism.

Bad duckling as a teen?  there was also a period where I suffered rejection from my peers.

Recently, I met an old demon from my adolescence, a real face-to-face that I could not avoid. I said hello first, spoke in a calm and composed manner in full control of the situation.

Sweet revenge … to see her bewilderment. Like what, sales tricks can lead to anything including self-growth!

Stop dreaming! Take action!

We have often told you: your treatments pay the expenses, selling pays for your holidays. Indeed, the sale of products makes the difference between coming out “even” at the end of the month or making money or even yet, a lot of money.

Early this year, take the time to set a personal goal that you would like to achieve in 2013, a dream that you have always wanted.  A trip? Renovating your bathroom? The beautiful coat you saw in the window of a fashion designer?

1. Display the image of your goal in the mirror of your bathroom so that you see it every day.

2. Schedule the actions you must take to achieve it.

3. Every three months write down in your agenda what has been done and what remains to be done.

This motivation posted under your nose daily will give you the direction you need to realize your sales as well as when dealing with your personal life.

An aspiration, a specific objective conditions us to take the necessary commitment to achieve our goals. When your goal is reached, set another.

Shoe Stories

I have a great deal of difficulty in finding shoes. Flat, wide and short, if you look at my feet, you would swear I was a duck in another life and, as most women, I love shoes.

When I wear them for the first couple of days, I’m very careful to bring my old shoes with me so I can relieve my suffering when my feet can’t take it anymore; finally, it’s only after a few days that I can enjoy my shoes to their fullest.

We are ready of unbearable sufferings for simple shoes, we are ready to change style according to the latest fashion, temperature, season or activity without any respect to our own comfort.

Why not act the same way regarding the Web and its numerous possibilities: at the beginning, sure you’ll make mistakes, you’ll have questions and wonder where all this is going to lead without knowing all of the advantages. At the end of a few days you won’t be able to live without it and you will realize all the benefits communication with your clients can bring thanks to social media.

This is the way you’ll be able to obtain a new batch of younger customers. Furthermore, according to the tendency, in about 5 to 7 years, the desktop computer will be replaced by the cell phone  which offers an immediate communication via Web, text, phone and e-mail at your fingertips.

Convert or others will before you, we don’t want you to miss an excellent opportunity to get yourselves shoes to infinity, at a very small budget.

Hopefully a useless article

Yes, I hope that I write this article unnecessarily, you will tell me that this is the basis of all good customer service and I’m totally off base by taking the time to discuss this subject.

By entering the door of your Salon, your client gives you her valuable time putting aside all her priorities, you owe her your full and complete attention.

There is no bigger lack of respect towards your guest by answering your cell phone or sending a text in front of her.

You seem to drop everything as if she no longer exists, there is no worse way to tell someone that she is not important  in your eyes.

There is no excuse, because the exception is too often the rule that may violate etiquette that one must demonstrate and attacks the respect which will be affected for a long time.

But you have not read this article, it does not concern you at all.

Samples: how and which quantity should be distributed?

Samples should not be given as gifts or distributed by handful, they are often taken for granted and you will find yourself a slave to them and feel obliged to keep up this quantity to your clients.

Also used as a means to discover allergies, samples are a precious marketing tool that assure complementary sales.

For example, your client purchases a Cleansing Milk and a Floral Toner : give them a sample of Day Cream. On your next visit you will be able to complete the sale of this article.

Give prestige and value to the sachets, take the time to wrap them in silk paper and place them preciously in the hands of your client while explaining the benefits of the product.

Above all, don’t forget to phone a few days later to obtain their comments.

Back to Basics

Did I catch your attention now?  Here is the blog of the day!

Each time I receive a treatment, I must ask the aesthetician a whole bunch of questions. I must ask what products are being used on me and why. Have you forgotten about this old practice? Give the clients your comments, your actions and why you have chosen the particular products used?

With each product application you stimulate an aroma, a certain feeling. A sale is often completed just with these steps. We often purchase a product simply for its fragrance.

Often, when I leave the aesthetic booth, the aesthetician hurries to book another appointment, without talking to me about the products that I should be using and assuming that I do not want to buy them. Never assume the purchasing power of your clients.

Make your follow-up!  Phone your clients a couple of days after their appointment. How does her skin feel? Is she satisfied with the products purchased? Does she have any questions on the use of these products? Go over the application steps with her.

These are small gestures learned in school that we often forget to apply. Re-learn how to offer your treatments all the way though.